Sunday, 18 June 2017

Happy fathers day! (June 18/17)

It's fathers day and me and mummy planted some Pepper and Basil herbs. They all have names but I can't remember their names and Its cold outside but if it was nicer outside I would go and look at their popsicle sticks that have their names on it.

And Janet is getting a flower on her.
there's also the Cosmo and borage that seeded its self into the tiles!
until the next time,Rose

Friday, 16 June 2017

June 16/17!

Its me Rose,
I'm blogging about TODAY!

Janet Jr is very big and bushy now and she is starting to get buds on her, YIPPY.

Yesterday, Mummy finished my fourth romper, WOW that's a lot of rompers!

And at school they got the Scholasic book orders (yay) and got a coding book and a My emoji life triflold but I only got a picture of the triflold book.

Until the next time world, Rose.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

June 13/17!

After school me and mummy went to the pond and saw cute fluffy DUCKLINGS!
we also TONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS of cotton wool on the pond and on the ground too.

Goodbye and until the next time,Rose

Sunday, 11 June 2017

June 11/17!

Me and Mummy made a measuring stick last week, how exciting!

Look at Janet Jr, she's so big now!

Yesterday I got new flipflops.

there very sparkly!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Welcome, Janet Junior

Well, hasn't it been a long time, even by my standards this has been a quite a gap.  I wont go into any reasons except to say that I experienced minor technical difficulties and as an example to my children of how to persevere in a difficult situation I stamped my foot, gave up and vowed never to blog again.

The singular reason for the resurrection of the blog is to keep the English people up to date on the progress of Janet Junior so lets get straight to it.

Today was a big day for JJ, after several weeks basking in the sunshine in a little pot on a nice comfy table in the front window we deemed it time to set her loose in the back yard.

Here are some picks of Rose potting her out and getting her settled with a good watering.

So there we have it, one happy child and probably happy tomato plant apparently named after the lady who lives next door and has no idea that she has been honored in such an auspicious way.  Will she rise to the challenge of living out of doors with the bugs and rabbits and weather?  Will she bear fruit? and will Rose pull a really good face when she realizes that she doesn't even like tomatoes when she's grown them  herself?  Stay tuned, surely it can only get better...

Monday, 7 November 2016


Yesterday the weather was beautiful so we drove up to Elora, it was so warm that we got pestered by a wasp while trying to picnic. 

Last time we were up here I took photos of the Mennonite buggies in the car park, yesterday there was a multitude of horses of the steel variety.

Elora is popular for its picturesque shopping area and historic buildings, its rather like Kirby Lonsdale but with a large abandoned mill.  There is also an impressive gorge and the steps down into it were open so we got down to the river for a walk.

Here's the view down into it first.  I do like a nice industrial looking bridge.

And here's Rose and some of the last bits of good fall colour.

There were lots of hidey holes in the rock faces for things to hide in.  The kids climbed into one and discovered that rock climbing up real rocks is a little more difficult when you don't have coloured rubber hand holds.